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CORNELL UNIVERSITY | Paper Conservation Technician | September 16, 2013 – Present


THE UNIVERSITY of ILLINOIS at URBANA-CHAMPAIGN | Internship | May 13, 2013-August 2, 2013


Joseph Royer Architectural Blueprints | local humidification, surface cleaning, and mending

Lithographic Map of Cuba | Surface cleaning, de-backing, blotter washing

New Testament Bible | Leather baggy-back

Gouache and Watercolor Drawings | 6 | surface cleaning, debacking, tape removal, adhesive reduction, matting

Ad Council Newspapers | surface cleaning, blotter washing, re-sizing, encapsulation

The English Secretary | 16th century tightback calf skin|hinge repair with solvent set tissue


THE SHELLBURNE MUSEUM | Volunteer Position | December 2012-April 2013

Inoccenti and Webel Landscape Architecture Firm | 21 Architectural Drawings | Humidification & Flattening

Coal House Wall Paper | Humidification and Flattening

Rare Books Survey | Developed to assess the condition of the library and archives rare books


THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA LOS ANGELES |Internship | July 9-August 31, 2012

 Caro Minasian Collection |

A collection of Arabic and Persian Manuscripts dating from the 14th-17th centuries; treatment reports, photo-                  documentation, humidification, flattening, tissue mending,

Rouse Manuscript Collection |

A collection of medieval manuscript leaves; custom encapsulation and album construction allowing for removal and                   handling, as well a reorganization among contents



 Octavia Butler Album | Treatment report, photo-documentation, removal of chromogenic prints from album leaves


THE UNIVERSITY OF IOWA |October 2010-June 2012

 Tongan Bark Cloth, c.1970 |Final Project, UICB

Condition assessment, treatment proposal, surface cleaning, mending, and construction of rolled storage

 Joanna Schoen Collection | Private Patron | Condition assessment and treatment proposal

Der FolksFreund, 1895 | Private Patron |Newspapers | tape removal, surface cleaning, washing and buffering, mending,                   encapsulation


Exhibit Preparation

Visions of the Future: Global Science Fiction | North Lobby, UIowa Main Library

American Indian Dancing: Ethnic Stereotypes, Community Resources, Living Traditions | Spec. Collections, UI

Chemistry: It’s FUN-damental | North Lobby, UIowa Main Library

UICB @ 25 Years: The Future of a Legacy | North Lobby, UIowa Main Library

Assisted with the organization and collection of artists materials, preparation of materials for exhibit, book display,                   mounting, and installation

Flood Recovery

Football Scrapbooks | Private Patron | Flood recovery | surface cleaning, flattening, de-odorizing

Johnson County Ledgers | Czech Museum, Flood Recovery| Rebinding

Digitization Preparation

UIowa Yearbooks | Disbinding for digitization

The Chef Louis Szathmáry II Collection of Culinary Arts | Digitiazation preparation – mending repairs


Book Repair

Millers Falls Company, 1881 | Private Patron | multi-section pamphlet, mending, guarding, re-sewing

Formulae Medicamentorum | HSL RARE R128.7.s6 1772 | Guarding sections, tissue mends, re-sewing, rounding, backing,                   spine reconstruction, re-casing

Illustrated London News: The Illustrated London News is a multi-volume collection of newspapers from the early 20th century that have been bound by year into large volumes. Due to their size (12! x 16.25! x <3.75!) and use, the bindings and                   textblocks have experienced a great deal of wear and tear. Having experienced differing levels of damage each volume                   presented unique treatment needs. The volumes were individually assessed, damaged textblocks repaired, re-forwarded,                   and re-backed, re-cased or re-bound as necessary. Completed: 32

Rubiàyát of Omar Khayyám | xPK 6513 A1 1904a | Surface cleaning, tissue tinting, tissue mending, filling losses, guarding,                   cover reconstruction

Easter Island, 1912 | GN671.E2 C5

Mending to cover tears, re-attached soft cover to textblock, heavily lined spine

A Chronological History of the Voyages and Discoveries of the South Seas or the Pacific Ocean, 1813 xfDU19B87 v.3 Re-back with CMR endsheets

Cannibal Nights | G540 R2 1927 |Re-case, tissue tinting, mending

A Study in Human Nature| xBF141 A2 1885

Andersonville: a story of rebel military prisons | xE612 A5 M405 1962 | double fan bind

A Second Book of Nonfiction | xPE 1121 B385 1964 | Soft cover re-attachment, color matching

Fat Destroyer Foods | RM 222.2 P45 1974 | A hard covered book with a dust-jacket that had become separated at the right flap                   and the textblock was split about 2/3 through. The textblock was removed from the cover, the adhesive removed with a                   precision plow, textblock double-fan bound and re-cased.

University of Iowa Bulletin 1970-72 | A Soft-covered catalog in which the covers had become detached from the text block. The original staples were removed, a precision plow was used to prepare the spine for a double-fan binding. The text block                   was re-cased using tissue flanges.

Cooking for Fun | Tx 715 A 245 1985: A soft-covered book in which the text block and cover had become separated. The                                     textblock was re-cased using tissue flanges, leaving a natural hollow in the spine.

The American Right Wing: Washington, DC.: Public Affairs Press | xF743 E37 1962

The American Right Wing: University of Illinois Graduate School of Library Science | xE473 E37 1960 : soft covered                   books, originally stapled through the spine. The area around the staples had become worn and the cover separated from                   the textblock. The text was resewn as a pamphlet and attached to the cover using a tissue hinge.

Tradicion Y Mondernidad en La Passin de Carlos | xPQ8437 B43 Z74 1985 : A soft covered book in which the cover had                   become detached from the textblock. The textblock was re-cased using tissue flanges, leaving a natural hollow in the                   spine.

Money-saver Chicken Cookbook | TX 750 R87 1976 | A hardcover book in which a significant portion of the pages had                   become separated from the cover. The textblock was double-fanned and re-cased using tissue hinges.

Sponsored Projects Administrative Services Manual | Archives LB 233603 I59 866 1990 | detached pages

Oxford | reback?

Poets and Poetry | xPN 1042 M2 | tape removal, tissue mends, text re-sewn to cover (Pamphlet)

Prodrome of a Work | QM197.M3713 1986 | Double fan binding into a hard cover case

Oral Lessons from the Surgical | RD 30.D9613 1987| Double fan binding into a hard cover case


Washing and Lining

Map of New Europe, 1914-1919 | Lab effort to wash and line oversized map

Rubens: Les Editions du Chene Paris| fND 673.R9M813 | surface cleaning, mending tears, encapsulation,  and lining

Lincoln and His Wife’s Hometown | E457 T84 | Washing and lining

One Season Shattered | Washing and lining

Rubiàyát of Omar Khayyám | Washing and lining



Paper of Charles Wood Irish | Ms C362 : Batches 1,2 &3        

Surface cleaning, humidification, flattening, mending tears, protective enclosure

Atlas of Linn County| Map Collection| FOLIO G1433.L5 I6 1907

Atlas of Johnson County | Map Collection |Disbinding, surface cleaning, tape mending, 4-flap enclosure for digitization:                   containing maps of cities, towns, villages, and townships of the county ; maps of state, United States and world ; farmers                   directory, historical sketches, reminisences [sic] of early settlers, analysis of the system of U.S. land survey, road laws,                   portraits of citizens of the county:

Plat Book of Davis County Iowa, 1891 |State Historical Society | surface cleaning, mending and guarding in preparation for                   digitization, 4-flap enclosure

Atlas of Johnson County Iowa | fG1433 J5 T48 | 1870,514

Surface cleaning, washing to release adhesive, encapsulation, 4-flap enclosure

Iowa State Planning Board: Batches 1 (21) and 2 (22) and 3(19: Surface cleaning, tape removal and tissue mending for                   digitization. FIles to be shared between UNI and UIOWA.

Working Chart for Explorer I | Van Allen Papers | RG 99.0142 Box 86 Folder 6 | Dry cleaning, tissue repairs

Topographic Survey of Japan (3)| G 7960s 200.C48

Japan 1:200,000 geological series (7) | G 7961.C5 s200.C48 | Surface cleaning, tissue mending


Iowa Women’s Archives Scrapbooks | Construction of blue corrugated boxes, 15

Macabees and Malachi: 17th century manuscript leaves: | Encapsulation, matte-cutting, stiff-leaf structure construction

Redpath Chautauqua Collection | MsC 150 | Surface cleaning, archival folders

Mary Beth Hurt Collection | Iowa Women’s Archives: Collection Number IWA0785: Photographs awards and other                   memorobilia from 1948-2008 Award-winning actress of the stage and screen from Marshalltown, Iowa, who made her                   film debut in WoodyAllen’s Interior’s.

Solidaridad | 29 posters in various formats. Surface cleaning, tape removal, tissue mends, humidification, flattening and 4-flap                   enclosure



Marshall County Line Index | Surface Cleaning, encapsulation

Mercy Beat Newspaper Collection | Encapsulation of folios

“Untitled,”: Early Printing Leave | L-sleeve enclosure

Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky: McNally’s System of Geography, Map No. 13 | G4080 1860 M62

Provinda Ultoniae | G5790 1631 K44

A Rumphes in Tophet | E 457.9 R86 1863


Humidification and/or Flattening

 10th Aniversary 2000-2012 | I53.11/3-2:M45

“Posters” | MsC 867

Life Long Learning Program | LC 5201.L44 2009


Surface Cleaning

City of Davenport, 1969 | Un-cataloged

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